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“The science of surface cleaning”

Every home is made up of unique surfaces. It is our priority to extend the lifespan of these areas. We produce the highest quality of cleaning products intern preserving the look and feel.

We channel all of our time and effort towards creating an environment that you are proud of and happy to live in.

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Weiman wants each of the surfaces in your home to look its best. That’s why we have developed cleaning products that go beyond simply cleaning to beautify and protect each of your delicate, difficult to care for surfaces.

From stainless steel to leather to granite, each of our products is formulated specifically for one surface and one surface only; allowing you to achieve the perfect results that your home deserves. A clean home is great, but we want to look more than clean, we want it to look spectacular!

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J.A. Wright & Companies’ innovative solutions for metal care; including silver and copper creams, brass polish and cook top cleaner, have made it the number one name in silver care dating back to 1873. Wright's Metal Care wants your metal surfaces to look their best, that’s why we have developed cleaning products that go beyond simply cleaning to beautify and protect each of your delicate, difficult to care for surfaces. From cleaning your cooktop to polishing your silver, copper or brass, Wright’s Metal Care makes it easy to save time, energy and tiresome buffing. Just polish, rinse & dry to get a brilliant, mirror-like shine, every time!

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Specifically formulated with Citrus Power, Goo Gone’s portfolio of products effortlessly removes sticky, gummy, gooey problemsTM and cleans up stains and sticky messes around your entire home.

From gum to grease, fabric to fiberglass, you can count on Goo Gone to safely remove almost any problem and restore your surfaces to their original condition.

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Sometimes the smallest problems can cause the biggest headaches: a clogged drain, a dirty fridge, a stained carpet. What a mess. That’s why Green Gobbler makes powerful products to solve everyday problems, both big and small.

We carry a full line of industrial-strength surface cleaners, bathroom deodorizers and herbicide alternatives (among many other items) to answer cleaning’s biggest questions. Whether you want to lift a small stain in your carpet or make your bathroom shine, we have exactly what you need to get the job done.

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Since 1936, Urnex products have represented the highest standards of quality, consistency and effectiveness. We pride ourselves on our long history as a manufacturing organization with 100% dedicated focus on coffee and tea cleaning, as well as on the close relationships we have built with our customers around the world.

We take a thoughtful and balanced approach to each product and project, utilizing the expertise and experience of our internal team of chemists, product technicians, manufacturing and coffee professionals. We bring these perspectives together with those of our customers and their end users to develop products that are safe, effective and easy to use. The effectiveness of our approach is validated by our company’s longevity, the depth and breadth of our partnerships across the coffee industry and our reach: Urnex products are available today in more than 70 countries.

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